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Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Tips

If gutting your bathroom isn't an option, then be creative and look at the possibilities of taking an outdated bathroom from drab-to-fab!

Add Color

If you have a basic white bathroom to work with, you virtually have a blank canvas. The sky's the limit! Paint is the least expensive change you can make and you don't need to be an expert to apply it. Light colors with white trim is a clean look and creates a neutral palette: grey, light yellow, sky blue, sea-foam green. These are great colors that can be the backdrop for colorful towels, shower curtains and other accessories. Just remember you need to use high gloss paint and may need to prime the walls first.

Stenciling the walls with a pattern using the same tone of the walls but in a darker version can give a Jacquard effect and add a subtle touch of dimension.

Wall Paper can also be a great addition; whether it's the entire bathroom, other than over the shower or tub, or an accent wall, with endless choices to consider.


Mirrors are a great way to add light and depth to a small bathroom, as well as a design focal point. Think about wood framed mirrors with any color finish to accent the overall theme in any shape to make a statement.

Vanity & Hardware

If you have older cabinets, think about painting them to give then a fresh new look. Then choose updated knobs and a new stylish faucet for the sink area. The final touch is new hardware on the cabinets...the accessory that's often overlooked. There are so many styles and shapes to choose from with as impact that can be amazing.

Towels, Shower Curtain and Rug

This is where it all comes together. First, choose a shower curtain that blends well with your wall color (you can actually find this item first and build the room around it), then find a rug that matches and buy coordinating towels (at least two colors) in bath and hand sizes to finish the space. Layering towels is a nice touch. Guaranteed you will be pleasantly surprised at the finished product!

Can you visualize the transformation of your "drab-to-fab" bathroom for less than $500 vs. $5,000? Spring is a perfect time to start this project, which can be completed in just one weekend. Treat yourself to a simple, inexpensive bathroom facelift. It will make you and your family happy while adding value to your home.


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